EastEnders’ Vincent Hubbard return sealed as Kim Fox solves mysterious disappearance?

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EASTENDERS’ Vincent Hubbard could be set to finally return to Walford after being tracked down by Kim Fox who’s investigating his disappearance.

Tameka Empson’s character Kim Fox hasn’t seen her husband Vincent Hubbard (Richard Blackwood) since he left EastEnders in 2018.

After being lured into a trap by Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) on the orders of crime lord Aidan Maguire, the character was last seen getting into a car with some goons (Patrick Bergin).

Kim, on the other hand, will be plagued by her past when her spouse appears on the plaza.

Kim is shocked in subsequent scenes when she overhears Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) schedule a cab for Vince Hubbard.

When Kim encounters a children’s entertainer who claims to be Vince, she is perplexed.

The mother’s first reaction is rage, as she wonders if her husband has been staying close to home all this time.

Phil overhears and advises Kim to ignore the situation while attempting to persuade her Mitch made a mistake.

She, on the other hand, disregards his warning and follows the booking to the Walford East.

Kim approaches him after he finishes his act, but he refuses to answer her questions.

The performer dashes away, but not before Kim notices what she believes to be her husband’s wallet among his possessions.

Kim tells Mitch and Phil what transpired after the encounter.

The shady dealer tries to keep his rage hidden and cautions Denise Fox (Diane Parish) to keep Kim from looking for additional information.

Back at the Brannings’ house, the worried mother confides in Denise and Jack (Scott Maslen).

Denise tries to persuade her sister to let it go, but she refuses, despite investigator Jack’s encouragement.

Phil confronts Denise after realizing Kim hasn’t given up on her search for Vincent.

In an attempt to put an end to Kim once and for all, he reveals his son’s mother something that horrifies her.

If her sister doesn’t let it go, the shady dealer makes it obvious that there will be terrible consequences for her family.

Fans of EastEnders will have to wait and see what it is. Denise sees what Phil is showing her, but whatever it is, the mother of three is adamant Kim must be stopped.

Denise is shocked when she overhears Jack and Kim discussing their plans to meet Vince.

Kim unwillingly agrees to her sister’s request to forget about her spouse.

She does, however, inform Jack that their plan to see the children’s entertainer is still on track.

The two wait for Vince to arrive at The Albert, but will he come up?

If the children’s performer has Vincent’s wallet, he may have information on Kim’s husband’s whereabouts.

Since Vincent’s departure from Walford in 2018, his mother has had no contact with him.

If Vince has made touch with the real Vincent, Kim might be able to find down her husband.

However, if she makes an enemy of the Mitchells, she may be in danger.

Will Phil and Denise be able to prevent Kim from discovering the truth, or will Vincent return to Walford to explain what happened?

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