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Did Lucas kill the Chelsea’s dealer?

EastEnders spoilers: Lucas Johnson kills Chelsea Fox’s dealer as he discovers revenge plan?

Did Lucas kill the Chelsea’s dealer?

Murderer Lucas Johnson (Don Gilet) is on the verge of collapse and is planning his move to EastEnders after hearing that Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) is committing an act of pardon and is actually planning to destroy her father.

Weeks ago, we see Chelsea seem to have been on Lucas’ side since his release, arguing with her surprised mother Denise (Diane Parish) that he is a changed man and deserves a second chance.

Denise seems to be the only one clinging to his guns that Lucas is still a big threat but ever since it emerged from the audience that Chelsea are just prioritizing and planning to get rid of the killer.

While arranging with Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) for Lucas to get one of his apartments, Lucas waited for her, but clocked a very unsubtle drug dealers forged a dubious package that Chelsea recaptured.

Lucas then saw the chap pull away in his car and invited himself, greeted him collectively and reminded him that he was a man he and his cronies had beaten on New Year.


He managed to manipulate the dealer intoelieving that Lucas is working with Chelsea on the plan and discovered that she was transporting a whole heap of drugs abroad.

Later, as Chelsea suggested to her dad that she takes him away on holiday to Ibiza, the puzzle pieces slotted into place – Lucas is the one who is going to be used as a drugs mule and Chelsea can both get this dealer off her back and get Lucas sent down for possession.

Two birds with one stone.

But what if Lucas were to think of another solution out of this – could the dealer’s days be numbered as Lucas considers taking him out of the equation permanently?

Or will he confront Chelsea over her plan?

Eastenders Spoilers: Did Lucas kill the Chelsea’s dealer?


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