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Is Jordan Johnson Really Alive?

EastEnders Spoilers: Is Jordan Johnson really alive after the revelation of Lucas’ death?

EastEnders fans are left wondering if Jordan Johnson is still alive, even though father Lucas (Don Gillet) broke the news in Thursday’s episode that his son had been died by a heroin overdose.

Lucas was seen telling Denise (Diane Parish) that Jordan’s death was something that changed his life and that he is now striving to be “a better man” to honor his boy’s memory. But some viewers did not believe the words of the former preacher, which seemed to come from the heart.

Opinions now surround us that it is possible that Lucas is spinning a story to get back to Denise’s love. Evidence supporting this view is in Jordan’s death not shown on screen, a character not seen in Square since 2016, when he was played by actor Joivan Wade.

Is Jordan Johnson Really Alive?


The off-screen death, in the past, has given soap writers some freedom when it comes to resurrecting characters who have long since passed away. Most memorable, Kathy Beale – believed to have been killed in a car accident in South Africa in 2006 was ‘brought back from the death’ as part of EastEnders’ 30th anniversary celebrations of 2015.

Also, Lucas is exactly the type of person to scheme and dissemble to achieve his goals. During the terror reign that lasted between 2008 and 2010, he ended up killing both his ex-wife Trina Johnson and Denise’s ex-husband Owen Turner. And, perhaps the most elaborate, he even faked Denise’s death and made his funeral.

With such a record, would it have been surprising if Jordan had been exposed to the world of the living and that the shocking news of his death turned out to be just the latest lie to be uttered by the lethal Lucas?

EastEnders viewers will have to wait a while to find out whether Lucas is playing the Fox family for fools. But next week’s plotline spoilers have revealed that both Denise and Lucas are expected to disappear after the fire – leaving a trail of bloodstains behind them.

So did he kidnap Dennis by typing? And has Jordan unknowingly fallen into the trap of fraud?

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