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Kim Plots preparing Gabby as her new bad sidekick.

Emmerdale spoilers: Kim Tate plots preparing Gabby Thomas as her new bad sidekick

Kim Plots preparing Gabby as her new bad sidekick

Kim Tate (Claire King) is likely to find a new and reliable partner for Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) in Emmerdale.

Next week sees Gabby taking action in an effort to get what she wants.

With Bear Wolf’s (Joshua Richards) bag coming to HOP, Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) puts it away for safe keeping.

Meanwhile, Gabby looks for an opportunity to leave Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) in it, by informing Kim that she is not at work.

Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) jumped to protect Dawn, arguing that she is meeting with social services.

Dawn comes back at the same time as Bear arrives to pick up his wallet, but there is a lot of fear when Jai can’t find the purse mentioned.

Jai accuses Dawn of stealing, and in an attempt to prove her innocence, Dawn empties her bag – and the wallet falls!

Dawn is fired right there, much to Gabby’s delight, but Kim catches this expression in Gabby’s face and puts the two and two together, before the plan is made in the mind of the Home Farm legend.


‘She sees the potential in Gabby,’ actress Claire King told. ‘She could be manipulated into a useful accomplice. She thinks if she keeps it quiet at the moment, then she’ll see how she gets on – and give her more dirty jobs.

‘She erases the CCTV because she sees potential in her and she can use her. She does remind her of her younger self and she tells Gabby this.

‘Once she is in the place, she has to build up a trust but also she has to play the game, Kim’s games and her way. She has to be able to manipulate Gabby but she sees a lot in her.

‘Kim is welcoming Gabby into the fold. She works at the Hive, she wants her in the office and be more involved that way. If she was to move in with Jamie – then perfect. She has another ally, or so she thinks.

‘She sees Gabby is bright, absolutely. That is why she takes her on – if she thought she was dim she wouldn’t. She also senses her edge – she’s not just intelligent she has a little dangerous side and I think Kim likes that but that could be to her detriment at some point. Gabby has a tough side we haven’t seen.’


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