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New amazing Spoilers of Home and Away

New amazing Spoilers of Home and Away

Ari and Tane make an agreement with their abusers, while Jasmine’s grief comes out again at Grace’s party.

Next week’s Home and Away episodes will see Ari and Tane go on a dangerous mission at the behest of their enemies, while Colby is puzzled by the mystery of Witness X.

Meanwhile, Jasmine’s problems reappear when baby Grace’s first birthday party doesn’t go according to plan.

Here is a complete collection of the next major seasons.

The Paratas received another threat

Paratas received another threat

The Parata family is alert after Nikau almost fainted on his way to Salt in the evening. Clearly, Paul, Leon, and their gang are determined to keep up the pressure on Tane, who owes them drugs.

The next threat comes with a brick thrown from Paratas’ front window. Tane finds a note attached to the brick and hides it from Ari, but his brother quickly sees what is happening.

Tane and Ari tried to make a deal

As demands by the note, Tane goes to a secret meeting with Paul but Ari is not far behind. Paul points out that he would be willing to forget about debt if Tane agreed to do criminal work for him.

Tane agrees to the arrangement, but worries about Ari when his older brother reveals that he won’t let him do it alone.

Jasmine bails out Colby

Jasmine bails out Colby

Jasmine is upset when Angelo brags about how Colby will not be able to pay his bail money, which means he will have to stay in jail before the trial. She has other ideas and is using her money to rescue Colby.

When Colby is released, he makes strenuous efforts to identify the secret witness who was involved in Angelo’s investigation. He even got into an argument with Ziggy, accusing her of being the snitch , forcing Dean to intervene in defense of his ex-girlfriend.

Angelo later realizes that Colby’s investigative work could affect the trial, so he takes action by placing a press release on the identity of his star witness.

The mystery is deep for Colby

Colby is pleased to receive official court documents, including a list of witnesses. He looks forward to the files, but the identity of the mysterious betrayer has been redefined as a result of Angelo’s pre-dismissal action.

These documents confirm that the stranger is a member of the public, but is referred to only as Witness X.

Realizing that there will be no answers until he is in court, Colby focuses on enjoying the last dinner with Bella, Dean and Willow.

Jasmine struggles at Grace’s birthday party

Most of the people of Summer Bay gather to celebrate Grace’s first birthday. Jasmine is determined to make sure that Grace’s father, Robbo, is remembered for this special day, so she buys her a special bracelet with features his name on it.

At the party, Jasmine looks for the right moment to hand over the bracelet. She is disappointed when Tori gently tells her to put it on the table with other presents.

Jasmine is getting angrier as Christian takes centre stage throughout the party, as she fears that he is taking Robbo’s place in Grace’s life.

The last straw came when Christian gave Grace a bracelet similar to the one Jasmine had bought. Doubting her place in Grace’s life, Jasmine cleverly brings out the present moment. Irene recognizes this and secretly brings it back.

Home and Away: New amazing Spoilers of Home and Away


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