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When was Emmerdale joined by Jimmy King and how many kids did he have?

When was Emmerdale joined by Jimmy King

Since 2004, Jimmy King has been living in Emmerdale. He is played by Nick Miles, an actor. But who is Jimmy? Who are the members of his family, and how many children does he have?

In Emmerdale, Jimmy King: Who is his family?

Jimmy King is Tom and Mary King’s son. From 2004 until 2006, Tom was in Emmerdale and Mary was never seen on-screen.

Jimmy was the oldest of the four sons of Tom and Mary. Matthew, Carl and Max were his brothers.

They also had Scarlett Nicholls, a half-sister, who is the daughter of Tom and Carrie Nicholls.

Both of Jimmy’s parents are gone, and both of his brothers are dead.

Mary died before the King family arrived in Emmerdale. In 2005, Max died, and in 2006, Tom died the next year.

Two years later, Matthew died in 2008, and Carl died in 2012. In Canada, Scarlett is still alive and thriving.

In Emmerdale, Jimmy King: Who is he married to and how many children does he have?

Jimmy was married to Sadie Campbell in 1990, until he settled in Emmerdale.

Sadie and Jimmy finally ended up breaking up, and he moved on to Kelly Windsor, and they got involved. Their link, however, was on and off and she left the village in 2007.

With Nicola De Souza, Jimmy went on to have an affair. She ended up pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl named Angelica.

After her birth, however, Angelica was taken over by Lexi, Carl’s wife. Angelica’s birth was not without drama, however, as she was taken shortly after by Carl’s wife, Lexi.

Lexi took her up to the roof of the hospital to show her the world, but she got her down to Nicola and Jimmy safely.

Nicola De Souza [Nicola Wheeler] and Jimmy King [Nick Miles] with New Baby. ‘Emmerdale’ TV Soap Drama – 2009

Kelly returned to the village in 2011 and announced that Jimmy had a son, Elliot. With Jimmy and Nicola, she left her son.

He also has a son named Carl, who is Juliette Holliday’s biological son.

Carl and Juliette

Jimmy and Nicola received a shock in 2014 when a woman named Juliette appeared in September 2014.

She was pregnant with Jimmy’s child, it was revealed. No, he hadn’t had an affair!

For years, Juliette and her husband Greg had IVF therapy, and Juliette eventually fell pregnant. But she got Jimmy’s sperm because of a mix up at the sperm bank.

Juliette showed up in the village to get him to sign the paperwork that had made him surrender his unborn baby’s rights.

But Juliette went to work at Jimmy and Nicola’s, and with the aid of Nicola, she gave birth to a baby boy.

She wanted to call her son Carl, unaware that one of Jimmy’s late brothers was named after him.

Originally, Juliette gave Jimmy permission to see his son, but when her husband, Greg, decided to give it another go and be a family.

A few years later, to check on Carl, Jimmy reached out to Juliette, but she discovered that Greg had abandoned her again and she was struggling to take care of Carl on her own.

With Jimmy and Nicola, she left Carl and they’ve raised him ever since. Juliette had returned to the village in recent weeks, wanting to see her son.

When was Emmerdale joined by Jimmy King



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